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Sailing and Communication with passion

That´s me - Maren Christoffer

On this page you can find out more about me and my development. Read about where I discovered my passion for sailing and how I found my way into communications. If required, you can also download my entire CV.

My professional journey

in communication and marketing

Communication runs in my blood. I laid the foundations for my professional career while I was still at school by working for the school newspaper and doing internships at local daily newspapers.

After my bachelor’s degree in “Journalism and Business Communication” in Iserlohn, I completed a master’s degree in “Digital Journalism” at theHamburg Media School. During the internships in media companies and PR agencies, I learnt the building blocks of the communicative craft. Stops along the way included.: Ergo-Kommunikation (today Edelmann), infoNetwork GmbH (Capital Studio rtl/ and the Capital office of “Stern”.
After my traineeship in the finance department of FOCUS Online, I initially decided to work as a freelancer. For two years, I worked for the German edition of the magazine “People”, Westdeutscher Rundfunk and the Altenaer Kreisblatt, among others.

Thanks to my voluntary support for the German liberal party (FDP) during the 2017 election campaign, I received anoffer for a permanent position. So I swapped my home office desk for an office in the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia.. I worked there as office manager and personal assistant to Stephen Paul, a member of the state parliament. In addition to organising the office, I wrote his speeches and parliamentary motions and was responsible for all his communications and public relations work.

I impressed with my performance and was promptly headhunted. Bijan Djir-Sarai– Member of the Parliament and Secretary General of the FDP since 2022 – called me into his office. I was responsible for all of his press and public relations work and also wrote some of his speeches and worked on proposals.

But the big city is not my world: it was too crowded, too stuffy, too loud and the sea was too far away. I was drawn up north. Through my contacts in the sailing industry, I joined the German Sailing Association (Deutscher Segler-Verband e.V.) as a parental leave replacement, where I was responsible for communications for the association and the German national sailing team. I dealt with guest contributions and speeches for the Executive Committee, wrote articles, took on the project management for a brochure and was responsible for social media communication.

In the summer of 2021, I decided to go freelance again. Since then, I support various small and medium-sized companies in the areas of copywriting, conceptualisation, PR, marketing and social media.

You can find out who I work for and what I do by clicking on services and references.
So much for my professional background.

Here you can find my CV.

In Sailing

I discovered my passion for sailing at the age of 11. On “Ulk” – the boat of a friend of my parents – we could only sail under engine power that day, but the feeling of freedom with the tiller in my hand never left me. 

The following summer I started my basic sailing licence. I learnt the basics of sailing on a Sailart17 and explored the Wadden Sea between Langeoog and Bensersiel (North Sea). In the following summers I could hardly get off the boat. When I was 14, I completed my inland boating licence and supported the Segelschule Langeoog. 

I took a break from sailing from 2007 to 2015, but then really got started. This was followed by the Sportbootführerschein See (SBF) and then, in spring 2016, the Sportküstenschifferschein (SKS), which I obtained on Gran Canaria. In Summer 2016 I worked as an instructor for Segelschule Langeoog on a Sailart17. I then went on various cruises in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. Highlights included: Crossing from Malaga to Lanzarote, Amsterdam to Hamburg and the Canary Islands from Gran Canaria via La Gomera to Tenerife and back.

With this experience under my belt, I went for my Sportseeschifferschein (SSS) in 2019 and my Sporthochseeschifferschein (SHS) in 2022. In autumn 2022, I also put my long-held wish to become a Yachtmaster Offshore into practice and added the Cruising Instructor in December. 

In addition to Segelschule Langeoog , I was able to gain experience in training at the Segelschule Herung (Berlin) and the Deutscher Hochseesportverband Hansa (DHH). I was co-skipper and instructor for Mara1One Yachting during the two Atlantic crossings and will also be skippering the Lagoon500 “FRIENDSHIP” in the Mediterranean. 

I have been working as a cruising instructor for various RYA training centres since 2023. 

Here you find my  Sailing CV. 






Maren privately

After many professional relocations in the past, I have found my home base in Flensburg. I feel at home so close to the water and close to nature. Because my favourite way to spend my free time is on and around the water.

Together with two friends, I look after charter boats in Flensburg, hand them over to charter customers at the weekend and take care of repairs. I’m always learning something new and meeting new people.

Another thing that benefits me on my trips is my passion for cooking. I like to browse the internet for new recipes and get inspired. I like to spend hours in the kitchen for my friends and family, trying out new recipes and creating delicious dishes.

Back at home, I like to watch films on Netflix or pick up a book. A delicious glass of Franconian wine is also welcome next to me. 🙂